Chef Ken L. Polk


Coaching Questionnaire

COACHING MATRIX Which Level of coaching works for you?




You’re already a good cook (according to you or the people you feed)and just want to get some new ideas or tweaks on how to prepare a fewthings better.

You are cool with straight virtual cooking classes

You can look at a recipe and have a good grasp of its terminologies & methods

You’re good with shopping and picking ingredients for recipes

You can make some basic things, but cooking was never your thing! Youwish you could do more but never knew how!

You’re cool with virtual but would like the option to have in person learningas well for a few sessions• You’re in the middle with recipes- they seem to work for everybody else, butthey seem to be too much work for you!

You would rather have someone else shop for these ingredients, and justdrop them off please and thank you!

You would need some extra questions answered before the live lesson.

You’ve always wanted to go to Culinary School but couldn’t, or you feel youneed comprehensive coaching from a professional Chef to take yourcooking to the next level! You want it all!

You would rather be in person for the majority of the sessions (wheneverpossible) and want to be able to cook and modify the recipes like a pro.

You are either very particular about your ingredients or you have No cluewhat to get, we’ve got you covered!

You want access to Chef before, during and after sessions, and evenbetween sessions with other questions.